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SkipHatch combines state of the art machine learning algorithms and proprietary data from premier publishers to create real-time shop-alike audiences. Shop-alike audiences are composed of people who are shopping for products similar to yours and offer the broad reach of prospecting with the high relevance of retargeting campaigns.

Open Roles


Account Executive|San Francisco| Apply
The Enterprise Account Executive is responsible for managing relationships and selling SkipHatch’s product-intent data set to the top fashion retailers and brands in the world. The AE acts as an executive advisor to heads of marketing with the primary responsibility of driving new revenue for the SkipHatch platform using a consultative and data driven sales approach.
Marketing|San Francisco| Apply
The marketing manager is a swiss army knife of storytelling, growth hacking and copywriting. Our clients are the cream of the crop in fashion advertising and this is an opportunity to help them connect their best stories to the most relevant audiences.


Backend Engineer|San Francisco| Apply
We are looking for a backend engineer to help create, scale, and maintain the core API that powers SkipHatch. A backend engineer works on all of the business logic that helps SkipHatch empower businesses with real-time data. Using the latest technologies, you'll be working on creating new API's focusing on performance and robustness, building new internal/business tools, and improving our core similarity algorithms.
Machine Learning Engineer|San Francisco| Apply
As a machine learning engineer you will help us maximize the precision of our shop-alike audiences. In addition you will help evaluate and bring machine learning techniques for example helping with product identity. Working in a small team, you will be deeply involved in creating and managing machine learnign models for our core algorithms.
Data Scientist|San Francisco| Apply
As our chief data scientist, you will be responsible for helping us better understand our shop-alike conversion rates, identify which content delivers the most growth, and much more. You will drive the collection of new data that will be used to design, analyze and interpret expirements aimed at driving growth. Your insights will have a direct impact on the growth of the business.
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